Friends at Moonrise Ceremony

Moonrise Ceremony

Friends at Moonrise Ceremony
Photography by Olga Lacosta @olgalacosta

Nat Rush and I fell in love under the full moon’s light during a pivotal moment in our lives. Each month, when we find ourselves under its luminescence, we embrace one another and kiss when our spirit is evoked by the memory of this weekend. When we met under the full moon, our lives path joined together and changed forever.

Bringing our friends and family together under the full moon in Leo for a fiery love ceremony this January on the weekend of the 23rd -24th is the most intuitive time to celebrate our past, future and love with you. We leave America for Australia at the beginning of February, and plan to return to London after this. Before we embark on this next chapter in our life, we invite you to celebrate with us! We plan to find a beautiful place in nature so that we can all connect with the full moon in Leo, the first full moon of 2016.

Also, being born in mid August on the 14th, I find this the perfect moon to celebrate with my loved ones on this side of the world. The Full Moon represents culmination and completion, the end of the chapter, and it sheds light on what we no longer need to hold onto. This suits the culmination of my life and time in America perfectly.

Attendees of our Full Moon Hand Fasting ceremony will be encouraged to dedicate this day and night to purge and release what each of us has been enlightened enough to let go in our lives, and create a space for forgiveness, gratitude and love in our futures. We want to celebrate love together with friends and family, and not selfishly in the spotlight. You are encouraged to bring your loved ones that you hold dearly, whether it be your best friend, partner, brother, sister, canine or feline.

On Saturday evening, our hand fasting ceremony will take place. We will make vows to one another to love, support and dedicate our lives to one another to make our collective dreams come true, while having our hands bound. A few chosen attendees will kindle a small fire that we will then jump over to signify our movement into the next world that we will share together.

Our hand fasting ceremony will also include a fire in dedication to the Leo’s passionate fire sign, in which the full moon in this January. We’ll each write what we want to release on one paper, and what we want to attract on the other and burn them in unison while we release these intentions into the universe.

We invite you to move forth this year with us under the Full Moon in Leo on Saturday January 23rd-24th.

Location of our ceremony to be released soon…

– Stephanie Rush-Underhill

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