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Tex Mex Taco Guide to Austin Tx.

With Levitation just round the corner and the summer in full flow, what better time to give you a rundown of our favourite taco spots in Austin.

We landed in Austin during December 2015 and I enjoyed some of the best food of my life here. As a celiac I truly value the gluten free aspects of a taco feast, but as a human, I enjoy the sheer wonderfulness of their existence.

Austin Taco Bell

Tacos can be found almost anywhere and everywhere in the live music capital of the world. If you’re visiting for a short period, don’t settle for a generic taco. Through exploring the North, South, East and West sides of Austin, word of mouth and eating a lot of tacos I can give you Gallavanteer’s Guide to the Top 3 Tex-Mex taco joints throughout Austin, Texas.

Pass on this taco guide. Friends don’t let friends eat rubbish!


3) Torchy’s Tacos

All Over Austin 1311 (South First St Trailer Recommended)

Torchy's Gourmet Tacos

Torchy’s Tacos are served in every notable city across the Lone Star state. With over a dozen locations in Austin alone, it is unlikely that you will pass a chance to taste one of these tacos that nearly every Austinite we met recommended. With an easy to navigate ordering process and a simple menu, Torchy’s can be your home away from home wherever and whenever you find yourself in need of sustenance.

When we paid a visit to Torchy’s Tacos we had been recommended it at least 3053 times since landing in Texas. I’m pleased to report that we were not disappointed. Nathanael had a Crossroads taco, contained within it’s soft corn tortilla walls; tender beef brisket, onions, jalapeños, cilantro, Jack and avocado. Quite simply this taco hit the spot. Stephanie chose the Fried Avocado, I was (and still am) very envious that she is able to eat anything battered and deep fried without a severe allergic reaction. Anyway Stephanie’s taco brimmed with hand-battered avocado, refried beans, pico, lettuce and cheese. All in all, Torchy’s provides a quick fix and a stone’s throw from almost anywhere in Austin, and a good option t. The available options are sure to excite you when you sojourn to one of Texas’s proudest traditions.


2) Maria’s Taco Xpress

South Austin 2529 South Lamar Blvd

Maria's Tacos Austin

Maria's Breakfast Tacos

Maria’s larger than life effigy welcomes any and every passerby on South Lamar with open arms 7 days a week. It opens bright and early at 7am Monday through Friday for breakfast tacos and coffee to start your day off right. May I assure you, that Maria’s makes an early morning brighter, even if you’re not an early riser! In which case, don’t worry about missing out on Migas tacos, because breakfast is served all day! Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl with a greater tendency to order a margaritas, Maria’s the place for you! It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is; any time is taco time. So yes, you can stumble in half past noon like we often did, and not miss out on Chilaquilas or Huevos Racheros.


What time is it? Taco time!

Maria's Taco Time


I was instantly drawn to the kooky decor that sprouts out from every inch of the two-story taco institution. A red car protrudes from the top deck of Maria’s patio, and there are antique gas pumps and wagons filled with cacti in the parking lot. I was instantly distracted and forever drawn away from reaching my original destination in South Austin to photograph my favourite relics, and chow down


Maria's Fish Taco

I ordered a gordita topped with fresh fish and a quesadilla de nopales. Both were delicious, and preceded by a basket piled high with thin, crispy tortilla chips to dip in an array of spicy sauces and salsas varying in colour and flavour. My first bite of lightly marinated white fish was heavenly. The fish melted in my mouth, and I couldn’t help but eat almost all of the fish first, and and use my gordita to dip in the array of hot sauces and salsas. The piping hot mozzarella cheese oozed out of my quesadilla. The crisp corn tortilla complimented the cactus in the quesadilla perfectly. Maria’s menu also offers a vegan and vegetarian menu, and the corn tortillas and chips are gluten free.



1) Tyson’s Tacos

North Austin 905 Airport Blvd

Tyson's Tacos Austin




“A kiss blown is a kiss wasted… The only real kind of kiss, is a kiss tasted.” 



Tyson’s Tacos is our absolute favourite place to eat in Austin Texas. The staff are extremely friendly and always find the time to strike up a conversation. We have taken advantage of their unique “song = taco” offer at least 2 times (we recommend playing light-hearted ukulele tunes here…think more Allah Las than Spacemen 3). To claim a free taco you just have to pick up their house ukulele and play a song that doesn’t completely suck; if there was any reason to sell out to the man, these tacos are it.

The variety of exciting flavours and combinations on offer here are truly staggering. The fillings are outrageously good and I guarantee you will not be able stick to just one or two of these Tex-Mex treats. From deep-fried avocado, egg yolks and onion to amazing salsas and everything in between; this is your haven for an unhealthy fix. With all the tacos available on flour or corn tortillas, the celiacs or intolerant amongst us can rest easy.

Tyson's Tacos with Salsa














Stephanie Recommends: The Rage

The Rage is a breakfast taco that was so addicting we ordered at least one each time we ate here. The perfect combination of textures and flavours make it an unbeatable breakfast option. Filled up with egg, beans, fried avocado, pepper jack cheese, and creamy sriracha you will never be disappointed with this option.

Nathanael Recommends: The Ta-Loco

I loved this taco so much that on our last day in Austin I ordered two of them, the meat is cooked to perfection and each ingredient sublimely compliments its neighbour. This taco is filled with bacon, steak, ground beef, and chorizo. Just do it.

-Nathanael Rush-Underhill / Stephanie Rush-Underhill

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