Arthur Brown God of Hellfire

The God of Hellfire


Arthur Brown God of Hellfire















29/1/16 – LA

We only have a few days left in LA before our long flights to Melbourne Australia. Staying in Highland Park with Nikki and Tatiana has been amazing. We have cooked delicious meals and had some rather memorable adventures around California together.

Anyway. Last night was a blur, a few drinks turned into more than a few drinks. This morning/afternoon has seen us vaguely attempt to get out of the house and eventually find some food. After munching some Good Girl Diner Phô we made it back to the apartment and Tatiana and Sadie are in the living room.

“Hey guys I’m about to be an extra in this movie, do you want to do some extra work tonight too?” Our hungover corpses had barely dragged themselves homeward and the prospect of more exertion was frankly soul destroying. Not only were we too hungover to unleash our inner Hollywood divas, we also had arranged a night of roller disco tonight. The idea was that we would say goodbye and hi to friends in the area before we left for good.

Whilst Stephanie and I decide how we should politely decline Tatiana’s offer, Sadie says “Tell them who else is in the movie…” Tatiana looks at us grinning “Yeah! Just got off the phone with Harley and Arthur Brown is gonna be in it too!” Tatiana and Harley both perform as members of Isaac Rother & The Phantoms and were asked to bring some like-minded friends on set.

Now, I should explain our obsession with the 60’s coolest Yorkshireman. Since Stephanie and I first locked eyes, the song Fire follows us around. Whether walking around a supermarket, listening to the radio in the car, seeing a show, drinking at a bar and even while sat in my Christian parent’s front room; it generally plays at random once a day. We quickly embraced this coincidence to the extent that we had our first dance to Fire at our handfasting ceremony. But that’s another story.

Fire by Arthur Brown has soundtracked much of our time together so far and we love both the song and the artist.

All we knew was that the extras had to look like 70’s era hippies and Arthur Brown would be there. All of us are pretty accustomed to getting a few startled looks as we saunter through life wearing whatever the hell we please. So in a very short amount of time we were attired in outfits closely resembling those we were wearing 5 minutes ago.

As we drove to the studio I realised I had left our only working phone at the house (my phone had broken the day before we flew to America). With that, any chance of cancelling our roller disco now completely blown; we settled into a weird and exciting night in Hollywood.

When we arrived in the dusty studio lot, we met Harley and walked to the trailers surrounded by a group of people who looked like they had just raided the ‘Hippy’ section of a Halloween costume shop. They enviously eyed our far superior clothing and parted to allow us through. The guy (director, manager whatever) was delighted at our appearance and genuinely couldn’t believe his luck. “You guys look AWESOME!” After other such exclamations he sent us to makeup and made us all look slightly glowing. As I climbed the steps to the “hair” trailer to have my greasy locks repaired, I spot a strange figure sat on the chair.

Arthur turned around slowly and eyed me up and down. He smiled and shook my hand as I mumbled the obligatory “…big fan…” Makeup and hair seen to, we helped ourselves to snacks and coffee. Without much ado, a tall ageing man exited the trailer. He looked far more striking than we could have possibly wished. Full Fire makeup and a floor-length kaftan…our hero has come to life.

Stephanie and I chatted with the legend himself and he chose to wear one of Stephanie’s Ankh pendants over the costume department’s choice in the movie. He also agreed to model some pieces of jewellery for Tiny Terrariums. Arthur is an all-round lovely guy, and chatted much over the next few hours and he reeled off exciting stories from the swinging sixties and wild conspiracy theories that I’d love to type out but can’t remember. He excitedly reeled off a barrage of facts supporting his belief that Elvis Presley was bumped off because of his increasing obsession with the occult.

As if meeting and chatting to the great man wasn’t enough, we also got to see him act. His role was an occult priest and his booming incantations and chants were thoroughly convincing and had this group of hippies grinning at each other during his spiel.

After our part in the movie was over (we were stoners at a party that a demon invaded) we hung out with Arthur some more and said our goodbyes.

As we started walking to the car I turned to face him one last time and said “See you in hell!” He smiled wearily and replied “Yeah, well I guess I am the God of Hellfire…”


Us Meeting Arthur Brown, God of Hellfire

– Nathanael Rush-Underhill

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