The chapter of HOPE for America has ended today

Eight years ago, Obama won the presidential election in America. I cried tears of happiness along with many others. Americans ran into the middle of the road celebrating a new chapter of hope for the future. People stopped everything they were doing when the news was announced. Americans left the queue at coffee shops and traded the warmth of their homes for the cold night when the news was announced. The people came together in a celebration of joy and hope for a better future. We embraced one another like long lost family with hugs. We cried in relief on each others shoulders in the middle of the streets. The sound of cheerful shouts, horns and car honking surrounded me like a warm blanket. I have never experienced comradery like that since.
I invited a crowd of campaigners I had worked with alongside with to celebrate the news. My neighbour kicked my door and punched his walls in anger while screaming obscenities to us through the walls of his flat to mine. I went to sleep scared for my safety that night. Nonetheless, I did not feel as scared that night as I do today for the future of America. My heart has sunk along with my hope for the future.
Nearly a decade later, I reside in London. I am not there to witness the reactions of citizens in my home state of California today… but I can assume that they are not as joyful. If you live in America, can you tell me what’s going on in your neighbourhood right now? How are people reacting to the news? How do you feel about the presidential election in America?

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