Vegan Pizzas at The Sovereign


Furthur down Northwold Road than one would instinctively walk when exploring the quiet neighbourhood of Upper Clapton is a hidden gem called the Royal Sovereign. It’s a good destination for a chilled out day or night. I feel compelled to remind you that sometimes, it’s good to get off the beaten path to try somewhere new without a queue.

Whether you’re looking for a hearty Sunday Roast at the end of a wild weekend or want to choose from their lengthy selection of over 20 pizza pies, their chef has got you covered. The owner is friendly, and is consistently spinning upbeat oldies with a slightly somber tone out of the speakers in the corner where I’m cozy and writing after demolishing half a stone baked pizza to myself on a Friday afternoon before the end of 2016.

I ordered the Quatro Stagione: a saucy delight topped with a generous cuts of buttery vegan ham that melts in your mouth, mushrooms, artichokes, and olives that sit atop the mixture of red sauce and well melted vegan cheese.


Next time, I will probably oder their spicy specialty, the Diavola which comes with vegan pepperoni and jalepeno peppers. I can’t wait to try it with the garlicky red pepper sauce the chef makes in house! The romana comes with vegan ham and mushrooms, and the Olivio has mushrooms, olives and garlic.  If you love faux meats, you can order Sovereigns vegan calzone that is stuffed with vegan ham, pepperoni, and mushrooms.

A lot of veggies will also suffice if you’re not looking to imitate a meat lovers order. The Vegetariana is topped with an array of veggies, from aubergine, courgette, peppers to cherry tomatoes.

They offer over 10 vegan options on their menu, including a Seitan burger with salad, a greek salad with vegan feta, and a more traditional salad bursting with beetroot, grilled peppers, and roasted walnuts. So if pizza is not your thing, and you’re into eating clean… You’re still covered.

The Sovereign is a great pub to bring your meat eating friend that doesn’t want to sacrifice a meal without meat, while entertaining your taste buds as well. They serve a selection of burgers and pizzas for vegans and non-vegans alike until the kitchen closes.

My suggestion is to arrive early and take advantage of the £6 pizza special and cozy up in the corner when you have a day off, or had to call out of work because of a bad hangover.

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