Glasgow’s Vegan Venue Mono


I was instantly impressed when I approached Glasgow’s well renown vegan restaurant and music venue Mono. Unlike many vegan establishments that thrive off the DIY punk rock appeal, Mono has managed to create a classy environment balanced with a music venues vibrant energy so it maintains it’s rock n roll credibility. Mono is clean and the staff are both friendly and knowledgeable. The walls are peppered in upcoming show flyers, but don’t worry; the toilets are cleaner than those at the typical venues I spent my weekends at to catch a band.

I had a bit of difficulties locating the vegan restaurant in the sprawling Scottish music capitol. My worries melted away when I saw the sign in the distance, and was shortly embraced by several smiling friends that welcomed us to a large table of hungover party goers on day 2 of the weekender. A large group of friends travelled to Glasgow from all over the UK for Double Sight and had gathered at Mono for a big meal before going for a second night of dancing at Double Sight Glasgow; the UK’S wildest 60’s weekender thrown by DJ Holly Calder 


Upon opening the door to my new vegan haven in Glasgow, I was instantly happy. A combination of the warm draft of air, music in the air, and the friendly staff brought a smile to my face. After a long day of vending jewellery at Double Sight Glasgow’s vintage clothing and record fair around the bend at McChuills, they served everything I desired aside from a nap. 

Although I previewed Mono’s online menu before, I decided to make a different choice since I had a  Margherita pizza at McChuills earlier that day. I had my eye on their Lamachan; a Turkish pizza with spicy mince, roasted aubergine, red chillies, coriander yogurt, salad and sumac for only £7.25 I can’t wait to try this Turkish treat the next time I visit Glasgow!

After much deliberation, I ordered a couple vegan sausages that were battered and fried atop a messy pile of crispy Cajun chips. Typically, this meal comes with regular chips, but they replaced them with spiced Cajun chips at no extra cost. 

My battered sausages came with a generous side of mushy peas. As I’m not a fan of mushy peas in the first place, I may not be the best to judge… but my husband who loves mushy peas claimed that they were rather dry. I thought the mint flavour that they added was rather nice, but agree that the dry texture was rather off putting. 

My battered sausages were my favourite part of the meal, no doubt about it. The sausages were a nice size and extremely flavoursome. The best part was the light, fluffy batter. Biting into the battered sausage between a mouthful of Cajun chips was a treat. 


As I couldn’t help but let my friends sample a small bit of the best fried food I’ve had in Glasgow yet, I had a bit of extra space in my belly for something nice and warm before enduring Scotland’s bone chilling winds. 

I chose one of the two daily soups on offer along with a pint of cider on tap. Their soup of the day was a dark green kale soup robust with sage flavoured mushrooms, strong tarragon and slow cooked to perfection with cider. The soup was so earthy, that I couldn’t catch the taste of cider, but that was okay… Because my pint of cider sufficed. 


After dinner, I spent a bit of time savouring the friendly atmosphere with a second round of drinks. 

The only problem I have with Mono, is that their name suggests it’s a restaurant their patrons visit once ( although the owner told me they named it after the Monorail at VegFest UK ) I know that Mono is a restaurant I’ll visit more than once, time and time again. I’m really looking forward to my next trip to Glasgow!

12 Kings Court
G1 5RB

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