Psychedelic Picnic at Park Guell

I recommend checking out the Barcelona based DJ Edu Lazaro’s Mixcloud to listen to one of his sets while reading any furthur. Here’s a mix that I chose that goes well with this story about my solo trip to Park Guell on LSD.


After racing up the road amongst a crowd of excited Spaniards and tourists on a sunny afternoon, I sat down for a sip of water and my first micro dose of LSD on my solo trip to Gaudi’s psychedelic park. After a long upwards trek to Park Guell I giggled in excitement as I handed my 11 euros over to the park attendant. I shared my excitement with her in broken Spanish as she handed me a tour guide that makes the park appear to be much larger than it is in reality.

The sun was shining bright and my sandwich from Bo de B was getting soggy. I went to the park’s restaurant seating for lunch, but decided to head upstairs into the sunlight for a more delightful view of the park. The children running amok were killing my vibe.

Screenshot 2017-03-31 03.15.11.png

I walked up the spiralling pathway that led me to the upper deck that was elevated above everything else by grandiose pillars that jut from the ground like sturdy arms made of stones. The view of the colourful city behind the bubbling and cartoon like chapel was more astounding than ever as the multi-coloured stained glass reflected the sunlight that hit it. I can’t think of anywhere better to have a psychedelic picnic at that park.

Screenshot 2017-03-31 01.59.29

I enjoyed an appetiser of my second dose of the day. I sat down next to a crowd of crackling Spaniards. I tried to make casual conversation but failed. They looked a bit confused and unsure as they nervously laughed amongst themselves. Maybe my linguistic skills had started to decline. Maybe I just looked like a fool. For all they knew, I was just a bit over zealous and lacked the knowledge of my second language that I so dutifully studied throughout high school and college. I made a mess of my sandwich; laughing to myself as I haphazardly spilled toppings down my paisley dress.

I made my way back down to the cafeteria where I washed my hands clean of my sandwiches sauces. The cold water felt so cool and refreshing on my sun toasted hands. It felt so lovely that I continued to wash my arms, and wet my neck. I dried my hands off in my hair and rustled it about to make it bigger and full of life. I felt fresh and full of vitality after my sandwich. I decided it was time to explore.

I walked past the cavernous path surrounding a wide open space. I touched the rocky pillars made of large stones. I laughed as I thought about how they appeared to be from the Flintstones cartoon. I asked a woman with large lips and a bright red hat to take my photo. Her big red lips spoke to me and smiled widely like the Cheshire cat as she agreed to snap a few photos for me. Her lips seemed to float below her sunhat where her eyes and nose were lost. Maybe that was just me… I don’t know.

Screenshot 2017-03-31 02.50.50

I continued onwards. I felt that there was a large part of the park that I had been missing out on. Was I too inebriated to fully understand the map? I pulled the map from my purse and looked at it with a serious face. A man asked me if I was lost. I showed him the map and asked if I had missed anything. He laughed as he responded “No… I think you’ve seen it all. The park isn’t as big as seems, is it?” I must have shown my disappointment. What was I going to trip out on if I had already explored most of the park. He asked if I had entered the chapel yet. “No! I exclaimed. Is it cool? Is a trippy place to go? I’m on a trip right now.” He shook his head, and said, “Yea! It’s a trip isn’t it!? Really strange place.” I offered him my last dose of LSD. He laughed and responded “No way! Did you take some?” I shook my head yes and asked if he wanted some. He hesitated a bit longer and declined politely. I asked him to photograph me before heading to the chapel. After handing me my camera back, he waved and shouted, “Have a good trip!”  I smiled back and began to laugh hysterically at the play on words. I sat down on a bench to brace myself and prepare for the claustrophobic line that would ensue on my way into Gaudi’s Chapel at the entrance of the park.

Screenshot 2017-03-31 03.00.45.png

I took my third micro dose and thought about the character that helped me make this experience happen. I met this photographer on a rainy day in the Gothic Quarters a few days prior. He traded me a terrarium necklace I made of glass for a couple hits. He emptied it so he could stash his party supplies in it instead of a moss and sand I had arranged so meticulously inside of it. It was a good trade!

After a prolonged amount of time a solo traveller that’s far away from friends or people they can have a fluid conversation with can get lonely or sad. I had just gone through a rather horrific break-up at the time as well. I was feeling rather lonely and unsure of what I was doing with my life. I also had terrible anxiety about travelling Europe by myself with low funds, no plans and friends. Previous to this acid trip, I had been very depressed. It wasn’t until that day that I realised… this trip around Europe is kind of like an acid trip. If I let the negative things that happened earlier on in my travels bring me down, I will continue to be sad and bring bad luck to myself with my negative thoughts. I thought to myself, “I need to make sure I don’t ruin this trip around Europe! I need to ride out the bad part of this trip like I would if I was on acid and a cop shined a flashlight in my face. I have to just shake it off and carry one as the waves do after a hurricane. I need to manifest an acid trip into my life so I can change my sense of spirit.” That very same day I met this friend that traded his medicine for my handmade jewellery. Talk about synchronicity!

After checking out the Chapel at the park, I gathered the gumption to join the strange tourist types that were posing with a mosaic lizard. I laughed and shook my head in disapproval at all the people holding selfie sticks. I took a photo of them all and laughed at the sight. So many pursed lips and peace signs scattered across my phone screen. What is life? Why were all of these aliens so impressed by a multi-coloured lizard? Why were all these people using selfie sticks? I couldn’t quite understand the fuss about them.

I carried onto the top of the stairs where I found a quiet place to contemplate my next move. The sun was beginning to set. There wasn’t much time left! I took a look at the paper notes I scrawled hurriedly before I left my friends house with directions to the Labyrinth.

Screenshot 2017-03-31 02.29.30

I hopped down the stairs and did a twirl on the platform. I watched the bright orange colours of my dress melt into the purple paisley marks. I took a deep breathe and focused in on the mosaics. They were gorgeous. I could see every detail more clear than ever. Every crack and line stood out to me. The colours were so vivid I couldn’t help but smile. The beauty of Gaudi’s architecture was nearly enough to make me cry from happiness. I asked a group of Japanese tourists if they could snap a few photos of me with the silly lizard and I stuck out my tongue. I wanted to sit on the lizard but felt that would rather inappropriate and may have stirred up the crowd. I wish I could have rode that lizard to my next destination because the subway seemed like a drag.

Screenshot 2017-03-31 02.41.59

I had places to go and things to see.

I wanted nothing more than to get lost in that labyrinth…

Because few things are more fun than getting lost in a beautiful city on your own.

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