I wanna Chinese takeaway… but only have 3 quid



Located in the heart of Camden Town


Welcome to the heart of Camden, where everybody is stuck in the 1990’s. The chicks still dress like Avril Lavigne in cut off wife beater tank tops paired with low rise jeans that are held just above their butt crack by a double studded belt from Hot Topic. Don’t pretend that you didn’t listen to Blink 182 before you were cool. I heard there are old photos on Myspace to prove you were a zit ridden nerd.

Don’t worry though! There is an escape from this vivid memory of your teenage years in Camden. Bypass the bullshit and drag your hungover ass into Dou Dou’s All-you-can-eat Chinese food buffet for under £6 quid. It’s just around the corner from Camden Town Station. If you’re just a bit peckish and want a cheap take-away, you can buy a to-go box filled with whatever you fancy for only £3.50. When I do this, I take it to the docks and hang out by the water. When I’m really hungover, I need this time to myself to recollect my memories of the previous night of debauchery, and laugh off the regret.

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Photograph courtesy of London Cheap Eats

If you’re going in for the full buffet, prepare for a total travesty. You won’t fit into your skinny jeans and you may get a reminder of your pimple laden years in school after gorging on this greasy goodness. You will probably eat your body weight in eggless Chow Mein topped with juicy faux beef that’s been marinating in a stew. They also offer a similar style of vegan “chicken” if you’re not into beef. If you miss sweet and sour pork there’s also a vegan alternative to that too. It’s drenched in a sweet sauce that tastes great over the fried rice.

You can even find fried Prawn crackers that haven’t been flavoured by the sea creatures themselves. You can enjoy a nice appetiser of sesame prawn toast. If you’re a fan of fried food, you’re going to love the potato samosas, fried tofu and “egg” rolls.

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Photograph courtesy of London Cheap Eats

The cold foods are slightly more healthy, if that’s too much for you. There’s a large selection of cold salads and vegetables. There’s also a soup that I enjoy adding ingredients to. I’ll drop a few slices of the vegan beef, chicken and vermicelli noodles into the soup broth as an appetiser myself… especially on a cold day when I want to warm up. There’s also a nice spring roll station where you can roll your own with your favourite bits. My favourite sweets there are apples that have been marinated in cherry juice. They’re absolutely delectable, and possibly a bit more healthy that most desserts.

If anybody told you that Camden Town was not as cool as it used to be, and not worth a visit, I would still recommend giving the borough a visit and enjoy a cheeky meal of vegan junk food at Dou Dou. It’s also worth visiting Cookies and Scream for vegan and gluten free options, but I doubt you will have any room left for more food. So skip the cheesy shows in town and show up here drunk or hungover, and you’re going to love it! Don’t forget to drink a lot of water and grab a coconut water from Whole Foods on your way over. The food is rather salty, but tasty.

I can’t say it’s healthy, but it is 100% vegan and cheaper than chips.