Boss Bitch 

I’m having a hard time making through work today.

I’m too smart and enterprising to spend my days making money for a corporation where I don’t utilise my skills and education. Some people were born to be a boss, and I’m definitely one of them.

Returning to America for such a short period of time left me in a situation where I had to abandon my food business that was building traction fast. I felt like I was just about to break into something really big at my pop-up restaurant a few days before I left.

My server did over 80 covers in 3 hours and tickets sold out on Eventbrite. People who couldn’t buy tickets were begging for takeaway boxes. Then a Mexican restaurant started carrying my vegan chorizo and nacho cheese. I made more money in one day than I earn in a month at my job here in America!

Now I’m working for the same company I did when I was going to college. It’s a good company, with amazing benefits and I love my co-workers and company culture. I also work a better position than I did before…

but spending my days bringing in sales for somebody else instead of building my own business and making my dreams come true is starting to break my spirit. If I worked somewhere where I was learning new skills and taking my career in the right direction I think I would less bitter.

I feel sick and tired of not meeting my potential. My brain is starting to slowly rot from a lack of intellectual stimulation at my work place, so I’m taking courses and teaching myself new skills while planning my business launch when I get my UK resident card and have the legal rights to file for a LLC and have a legitimate corporation for the first time in my life.

There’s only so much business planning and preparation I can do from abroad. Momentum will pick up quickly once I return to London. I know this business is going to be a huge success. I’m going to create a health foods empire in England.

I’m going to be my own boss, bitch.

4 thoughts on “Boss Bitch 

  1. you’ve always been a boss since i met you years ago slanging vegan noms at punk shows!!! which is why i’ve always been drawn to you. keep blazing trails and inspiring the rest of us ❤ ily

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    1. Awe ❤️ Thanks DeAnne! I can’t wait to launch this business in London. One day I can talk about the good all days when I started at the Smell and in backyards of punk shows 😊 Can’t wait to see you in LA when I go back to visit! You’re such an inspiration as well✨


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