I’m ready to launch!

Sometimes you need that extra push to get your new business off the ground. I’ve been working tirelessly for ages on this new project, but haven’t felt prepared to launch this other business for a variety of reasons.
The problem with anxiety is that you will never feel “ready.” Nothing is ever good enough. You want everything to be perfect before launching. The truth is that in your mind, nothing in your life will never be good enough for you. Everything will always be far from perfect. Well, you know what? I’m not going to let anxiety win this time.
I’m going to launch this business before the New Year whether I’m ready or not! Fuck fear and perfectionism. 2019 is the year of letting go- no more “curating” every aspect of my life. I’m sick of it! Nothing is ever perfect and I’m far from it.
I’m excited to share this new venture with you all when I’m ready. It’s not food related, but it’s going to great! I can’t wait to celebrate the launch of something I’ve been slowly but surely working up towards for half a year now. I started this project the month I moved to London, and it’s time to turn it in and make some money!
It’s my goal to launch this business and go “live” before the New Year. I need to set deadlines and push myself past the limitations exhaustion, finances and fear place upon me. I’m going for it with no regrets and leaving hesitation at the door.
Here goes nothing…
& everything all at once.

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